Deep Sea Creature Project Edit

As opposed to having a final test in this unit, I’d like to make this a little more fun, but also educational.  You will be asked to create a fictional Wikipedia page on a deep sea organism of your own creation, but using the scientific concepts we have been discussing in class as a guideline.  Your description of this organism should be realistic and divided into particular sections that are important to define. When appropriate include images too, which can be creative and fun!

Here is your task: Based on what we’ve discussed in our opening deep sea unit, you are to design a deep sea organism, adapted to life with little light and under immense pressure.  I see this going into two different directions- either an organism that inhabits deep sea vents or one who bioluminesces (or some combo. of both).  Here is what you need to consider and the categories you must include….

Instructions Edit

1. General introduction to animal – here you should include descriptions- physical and behavioral but only basic summary of the animal (specifics come later)– see example Wikipedia pages for the type of info that goes into these introductions

2.  Escape – How does your organism AVOID being eaten?  What are some strategies it employs for avoiding being seen?

c. Communication and Reproduction- given the darkness and void of the deep sea, how does your organism communicate with its own species?  Does it need to communicate to find food?  How does it attract mates and engage in courtship?

d. Chemical basis for bioluminescence and/or chemical processes like those found in vent communities—here, describe the basic chemicals and anatomical structures that are creating the bioluminescence and or chemosynthesis.

I am basically looking for you to show me how these reactions are taking place specific for the behaviors you describe above

e. Growth and development- After reproduction, what happens to the fertilized eggs?  How do they hatch and grow up when you are in the middle of the ocean abyss?  Are there mechanisms for staying afloat or do they simply sink down to the ocean floor- be creative, but it must also be scientifically feasible!

f. Symbiosis/interaction with other species?  Does your organism interact in a cooperative manner with other species?  In what ways.  You must include at least one example of symbiosis in your species.

4. Source citation-If you did use outside resources to write this, be sure to cite them APA style…follow this link.[1]

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