Reef Life of the Andaman (full marine biology documentary)01:56:24

Reef Life of the Andaman (full marine biology documentary)

Welcome to the Marine Biology WikiEdit

A Wiki about the Marine Biology class at Poughkeepsie Day School. This class is designed to promote education and awareness of marine life and conservation.

This course will familiarize you with the functioning of marine ecosystems using the principles of population, community and ecosystem ecology.  Because the ocean is so vast, it is difficult to get the full sense of all of its wonders in one short semester, but we sure will try!  In this course, we will be surveying the wide diversity of organisms inhabiting the ocean, placing emphasis on the interrelationships between species and their environment.  In so doing, we will also examine the major marine ecosystems and how the interactions of the physical and biological environment help shape the diversity of life in these communities.

In laboratories, you’ll get a better sense of the marine environment through participation in a variety of hands-on lab practicals and experiments and begin to develop and articulate your own opinions through debates, discussions and critical analyses (both oral and written). A common thread throughout the course will be the practical implications of studying marine systems- why is marine biology an important discipline to study in terms of the broader environmental and ecological sciences? It is my hope that by the end of the course you will be able to not only gain a broader appreciation for the complexity of life in the ocean, but be able to make well-informed decisions regarding the different environmental challenges facing our world today.  

Naked Science - Shark Attacks50:13

Naked Science - Shark Attacks

Course ContentEdit

Please be mindful that the order of the course content is subject to change as we progress through the year. Both the topics themselves as well as the order of topics outlined here are subject to change as the class progresses.

1. Introduction to Marine Biology

a. Different types of study

b. Review of Basic Ecology

c. Basic Oceanography

2. Plankton and Plankton Communities

a. Phytoplankton- Focus on Microbes

b. Symbioses among algae and animals

c. Zooplankton

3. Oceanic Nekton

a. Jawless/Ancient Fish

b. Cartilaginous Fish

c. Bony Fish

d. Cephalopods

e. Marine Mammals

f. Ocean Conservation issues and Human Impact on Open Seas

4. Deep-Sea Biology

a. Environmental Characteristics

b. Diversity of life and adaptations

5. Subtidal Communities

a. Key environmental characteristics

b. Composition of sandy bottoms- meiofauna and worms

c. Rocky subtidal diversity

d. Kelp Forests

6. Intertidal Communities

a. Key environmental characteristics

b. Adaptations of intertidal organisms

c. Rocky Shores

d. Sandy Shores

e. Mudflats

7. Coral Reefs

a. Key environmental characteristics and ecosystem dynamics

b. Diversity of life

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Anchor Hole in ship. Bikini Atoll.

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